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Wedding To Go Kits

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Wedding To Go Kits & Snacks

--------- Need Food on the Go? We've got you covered! ---------

Whippt now offers Wedding Day To-Go Kits for you to enjoy when you need nourishment the most! Whether that be early in the day, at home or in the hotel where you and your bridal party are getting ready, during your photo shoot session, or on the move in your limo in between events...

Busy Wedding Day mornings and nervous tummies often mean the Brides & Grooms, and their extended bridal party, don't eat, and that can really affect energy levels and the ability to enjoy the rest of the day and evening festivities ahead. Don't let this be you!

Kits are tailored for 2 people to enjoy, but multiple & custom orders are absolutely welcome!

The Rise N' Shine ~ $30
2 Croissants with housemade jam, 2 granola bars, fresh fruit and your choice of 2 fresh danishes or cinnamon buns

The Signature Lunch Box ~ $30

2 artisan sandwiches, 2 desserts and 2 salads

The Picnic Lunch Box ~ $35
A selection of dried meats, cheese, nuts, fruit, and hard boiled egg, packaged with fresh housemade breads

The Snack Pack ~ $25
2 muffins or 2 granola bars, 2 chocolate chip cookies, crudites & dip, 2 fruit skewers and 2 bags of chips